Ils ont choisi Genève:


"The diversity of international organizations and corporations in Geneva offers extraordinary opportunities for exchanging ideas among peers."

Vincent Faber, Executive Director of the Trafigura Foundation


"One of Geneva's main advantages is that it is easy to convince

foreign talent to come here."

Hans Rueedi, Vice President and CFO, Cargill International SA, Geneva


"Meyrin's central location and the fact that we can get to the airport in about 5 minutes are a plus in supporting our department."

Christian Joerg, EMEA Managing Director, Viterra


"Geneva is an easy place to live and do business because so much

international business is being done here."

Susan Clark, Managing Director, The Economist Group


"Geneva has a cosmopolitan mix that offers diversity of thinking and talent."

Cyril Ranque, Senior Vice President, Expedia


"The outstanding quality of life and the international atmosphere attract talented young professionals to Geneva."

Ricardo E. Belda, Executive Vice President, Alcoa Europe


"Meyrin has great cross-fertilization of ideas because it is culturally multidimensional."

Simone Arizzi, Global Technology Manager, DuPont


"Geneva is a very attractive location for senior management. Mobile, cosmopolitan people like Geneva because it offers a community with attractive existing networks which they can slot into, great quality of life, and easy access to the rest of Europe."

Sebastian di Paola, Advisory Partner, PWC


"Meyrin was an easy decision. It is the right size and has the right atmosphere. Meyrin offers us many opportunities to grow and bring in brands that matter."

Eduardo Senf, President, Newell Rubbermaid International